Thank you for your good heart...

Thank you! Like every year, at the first Saturday of November, took place in the American Czestochowa, the BAL of the VOLUNTEERS. Before the celebration at Cafeteria, we gathered at the Holy Mass in the Chapel of Our Lady praying in the intentions of all the deceased volunteers and benefactors of the Shrine of Our Lady of Czestochowa in Doylestown, PA.

The Holy Mass was presided by Father Tadeusz Lizińczyk - Prior of the American Czestochowa, and concelebrated by Fr. Rafał Walczyk - guardian of the American Czestochowa, who offered the Eucharist for all people of good heart, who in many ways help and support the Shrine.

During his homily, Father Prior noticed all those who offered their time, and above all good hearts in various ways to support activities and the development of this holy place. Like everyone feels good in the house of earthly mother, so everyone who comes to American Czestochowa certainly experiencing the same, but also may leave the Mother's House enriched and filled with every grace necessary for the daily struggles in family life and there where we are sent as Christians and children of Mary who trusted Her our own lives.

After the Holy Mass we began celebration at another table. It was like an extension of the joy of the Eucharist. At the beginning Fr. Tadeusz Lizińczyk expressed once again his gratitude to all who help and for willingness to serve in the American Czestochowa, despite all the adverse conditions we experienced this year during the Polish-American Festival. He appreciate that nothing didn't scare to be in the Shrine and to help. According to the Polish proverb: what does not kill you, makes you stronger, volunteers of the Shrine of Our Lady of Czestochowa came to help in the House of Our Lady of Czestochowa.

We were able to hear beautiful singing and see dancing of the MAKI ( Their performance enriched meeting of the volunteers who took the opportunity to exchange their experiences and insights to make better and more effective functioning and development of the House of Mary in the United States.

As Pauline Fathers and Brothers, with all our heart we thank you and assure about our prayer for all people of good heart. May Mary have you every day, not only under the mantle of her Mother's care, but let each of you hugs to her Immaculate Heart full of love.

Fr. Tomasz Wilk OSPPE

The American Czestochowa

Photos by Fr. Rafał Walczyk OSPPE