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Merry Christmas from the American Czestochowa
Subject: Merry Christmas from the American Czestochowa
Send date: 2010-12-24 17:34:52
Issue #: 23


Czestochowa Shrine


Christmas, A. D. 2010


Dear Friends of the American Czestochowa Shrine,

When Christ was born, the little grotto in the town of Bethlehem
became the center of the universe.
Does the magnitude of this mystery reach our hearts?
The Omnipotent bowed down to his own creation,
becoming a crying, helpless Child.
Why did only few find the way to Bethlehem that unique night?
Why was there no room in the Inn for the Savior…?

Fortunately there were those who recognized the Messiah.
Do we want to find ourselves among them?
Heading to Bethlehem each of us has his own, unique path.
This Bethlehem is the moment,
when we acknowledge His authority over our life.
When in the act of confidence we accept the will of God
even though not so easy at times,
or we undertake the effort of our own daily conversion.

Our wish to everyone during these hope-filled Holidays is
that the joy of the Birth of Jesus help us constantly 
to discover the meaning of our daily struggle.
Let Him be a source of power, the peace of the spirit
and the internal constancy on our personal journey to Bethlehem.

With prayers in the Newborn King,

Fathers and Brothers of the American Czestochowa 

The National Shrine of Our Lady of Czestochowa, 654 Ferry Road, PO Box 2049, Doylestown, PA 18901
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